Tom Cruise is Not Wanted

In a yet to be named period drama from director Bryan Singer, Tom Cruise is set to play Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, a Bavarian colonel who attempted to assassinate Hitler by planting a bomb under a table, but killed four others instead. However, many from Stauffenberg’s family do not agree with the casting. Stauffenberg’s grandson, Count Caspar Schenk von Stauffenberg, believes the casting of Cruise will only be used to promote Scientology. He said:

I have nothing against [Cruise] and can even separate his work from his beliefs in Scientology…But I and other family members are worried that the picture will be financed by the sect and be used to get across its propaganda. Unfortunately, the family Stauffenberg can do nothing about this. My grandfather is a figure from history.”

It’s awesome when you realize that the hatred the world holds for Scientology knows no bounds and is capable of some pretty amazing stuff when a grandson of a mass murderer wants nothing to do with it. Of course, Tom Cruise is going to take every opportunity to pimp his “religion.” It’s hard to imagine that this guy was at one time one of the world’s most beloved actors. Today, he could rescue someone from a burning building and their first thought would be which one of his arteries to hit first.

Katie Holmes and Lord Farquaad on March 22nd:

Note: Are there actually real life Counts? I mean, if so, that’s pretty cool. I’m not really sure what’s involved with that, but telling people about chocolatey marshmallow flavor and the number of the day seems like an awesome job to me.


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