Josh Hartnett is a Big Hero

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Last month, Josh Hartnett was involved in a New York bar fight, where according to his publicist, the actor chivalrously stepped in and calmly diffused the situation. Yeah, too bad that’s not true. Page Six reports:

According to multiple witnesses, Hartnett did play a role in cooling down an argument inside Whiskey Ward at 2 a.m. But by closing time early Sunday morning, when the boys took their rumble outside, the actor stood quietly by, we’re told.”At about 4:15, a group of guys jumped [a fellow patron],” said a female witness to the incident. “They threw him to ground and kicked him. And Josh was just standing by and watching…”

He’s an actor, what do you expect? They have no concept of real life and it’s always fun to see it when it slaps these pampered idiots in the face. Just like Josh Hartnett. One minute he’s a big Hollywood star getting free drinks and panties, the next he’s using a waitress as a human shield and hoping nobody smells the urine.

Here’s Josh’s on again/off again girlfriend Scarlett Johansson at the Louis Vuitton show yesterday. Looks like her hair isn’t the only mistake she’s ever made: