Paris Hilton is a Million Dollar Liar

Always thought to be behind the release of her 2003 sex tape, One Night in Paris, Paris has firmly claimed that she was exploited by ex-boyfriend and sex tape co-star Rick Salomon. Well, we don’t really need to think anymore. Page Six reports:

…a tipster at Patrick Whitesell’s post-Oscars party says she and Salomon were bragging how they each made $1 million from “One Night in Paris.” Hilton’s rep, Elliot Mintz, told us Hilton did speak with Salomon, but denied there was any talk about the video.”

Wow, I’m glad that mystery is finally solved. I don’t know how long I could’ve gone on without hard evidence that Paris Hilton would do anything for attention. I always heard rumors and whispers about it, but now I know for sure. It’s been a long four years of just not knowing. My mom thinks this may be just the thing that will give me the confidence to finally move out.

Paris celebrating her birthday (again) on February 24th:



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