More Britney Spears Crazy Time

Unless you’ve been dead, you probably heard Britney went nuts before she checked into, out of, into, out of and into rehab. Prior to her third time, she was seen in a bra and panties shaving her legs in a bathroom at the Mondrian Hotel after they refused her a room when she couldn’t produce any identification or credit cards. Later bald-Britney, wearing her cheesy wig, met some random girls in the bathroom and asked them if they’d loan her a swimsuit. They did (which wasn’t the first time she borrowed a stranger’s bikini). Then she let them take pictures of her. And here are the results:

I’m guessing these pictures are hanging on a cork board in these girls’ dorm rooms with “OMG, I’m so much hotter than Britney!!” and “Britney’s so fat! Look how skinny I am! MUAZ! *KISS* *KISS*” The only thing more embarrassing for Britney is if she gave that bikini back all stretched out with broken elastic and the girl who owned it took pictures wearing it. The new addition to the cork board would undoubtedly be a “Before and After” set of pictures of herself in that thing covered with “LOL”s – that is, of course, unless the CDC didn’t confiscate the bikini bottoms first.

Update: These pictures resemble this Antonella Barba picture in a way.

Update: Notice the giant bruise on her back was still there.

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