You Should Thank K-Fed

Britney’s decision to shave her head and ultimately check herself into Promises, a Malibu rehab clinic, was reportedly the masterwork of one person – Kevin Federline. After the estranged couple had a “screaming match” some time last week, Britney’s public meltdown began. New York Daily News reports:

They had a huge argument,” a source told the magazine. “Kevin threatened Britney that he was going to have people test her hair to find out exactly what she’s been up to. She was so scared. That was what made her have her head shaved.”…Testing her hair could determine whether she had been abusing illegal drugs, which could be used against her in the looming battle for custody of their two young children.”

Careful people, this is a master mind at work. You are a fool to fight her diabolical schemes. God, Britney Spears is a mental machete, razor-sharp and cutting through logic like butter. Instead of the courts ordering Britney to submit a sample today, they’ll have to wait two weeks until her hair grows back. What genius! Sorry K-Fed, but you are powerless against the steel bear trap that is Britney’s mind. It’s futile to try, nothing can get passed her!

More of Britney in rehab (before she checked out again):


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