Michelle Rodriguez Has Learned Her Lesson

In a recent blog entry, Michelle Rodriguez explains how remorseful she is over her irresponsible behavior and apologizes to the people that her problems with alcohol have affected. Oh, wait, no. No she didn’t:

At 15 miles an hour, never killed a pot head . . . We get stopped driving like 15 miles an hour down a 35- to 40-mph road…I cry, this sucks ass…I hire some lawyer from Hawaii, lose my 28 acres of land and my home in Jersey paying him off, just so I can get the same treatment I would have gotten from a public defender. I realized my payday in movies was way better than TV at that moment…I get bitch slapped by Uncle Sam again in Hollywood. I get a sentence to wear a bracelet for three months . . . to detect liquor content in your sweat . . . The second day the guy calls me and says you’ve got an alcohol reading. I was like, I haven’t had any liquor. He’s like, well you can’t use Listerine, no shampoo, or soap, or lotion, or perfume, with alcohol in it…I started to feel a bit like a pawn . . . For someone like me . . . this level of control just isn’t necessary.”

Please keep in mind that in June 2004, Michelle Rodriguez pleaded no contest to two separate road incidents that took place in 2003: leaving the scene of an accident after hitting another motorist and speeding through an intersection while under the influence of alcohol. Her license was suspended and she was sentenced to three years probation. In 2005, while in Hawaii to film Lost, Rodriguez was pulled over three times for speeding (83 in a 55, 90 in a 35, and 80 in a 50). She capped the year off when she was pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence. So, she really shouldn’t get upset when I don’t feel sorry for her. If I was a judge, I wouldn’t let this lesbian Grim Reaper drive a Big Wheel much less a car. I’d at least take the airbags out of her car and replace them with cobras or anthrax. What, that stings? Maybe she should have thought of that before she decided to mix vodka shots with a school zone.

Michelle (and her police ankle bracelet) at a Marc Jacobs show on February 5th:


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