Anna Nicole Smith Has a Will

TMZ has obtained a copy of Anna Nicole Smith’s will that has been presented to the court. The document, dated July 30, 2001, named Howard K. Stern as the executor of her estate. Drafted prior to the birth of her daughter Dannielynn Hope, the will specifies that Smith’s entire estate (estimated to be just under $500 million) be put in trust for her son Daniel. Daniel Smith died last September.

I’m not a detective, but if Law & Order and Matlock have taught me anything, it’s that Howard K. Stern totally did it. If not, then I need to look at his bracket for this year’s NCAA tournament, because he’s been on a lucky streak since September. If he was in a cartoon, he’d walking down the street completely unaware that he’s dodging anvils and walking over uncovered manholes.

Click to see her entire will here.

Remember these? (NSFW)



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