Kim Kardashian Says She’s Suing

Kim Kardashian is reportedly taking legal action to prevent the release of the homemade sex tape she made with her then boyfriend, Ray J. Despite the fact that Vivid Video said the “golden shower” would be left out of the full-length DVD, Kardashian insists she had “nothing to do” with the tape’s release.

Kardashian tells that she is “hurt and embarrassed” about the prospect of the tape being made public. She added that she will be issuing a statement about developments to prevent a planned DVD release. She plans to take legal action as soon as today.”

To be clear, Kim Kardashian is solely responsible for the tape being “leaked” and the tape being sold. She wanted to be famous, now she is. For some people it takes talent and hard work. For her, it took huge tits and urine. So when she throws around terms like “legal action,” don’t be fooled into thinking she means anything other than “Hey, look at me!” Ray J was unavailable for comment because he was about to go on stage at the State Fair.

Trailer for the video (NSFW):


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