Paris Hilton is a Real Good Guess

Which celebutard whose racist language has recently been back in the news, thanks to the Internet, has developed a code word for her bigotry? She now refers to African-Americans as “Lolas.”

Considering the word “celebutard” was invented because of Paris Hilton and the fact that Paris is rumored to be a seething racist, I’m gonna take a wild stab and say this is Paris. These videos have already caused real estate developer Robert Falor to consider backing out of Nicky-O, a Miami condo-hotel project with Nicky Hilton, and hopefully these will also be the end of Paris, because I’d rather write my parents’ suicide note than write one more word about who this dumb, racist whore is blowing.

Paris and “her new boyfriend” on February 3rd:


Update: Some readers are writing in to let us know the “boyfriend” might me Joel Moore from Dodgeball, Grandma’s Boy and is currently filming The Hottie and the Nottie with Paris Hilton.

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