Paris is Too Late

Paris Hilton has filed a federal lawsuit with the intent of shutting down The website, which launched last week, charges visitors a $39.97 fee to access pictures, videos and other personal items that Paris left in a storage facility. Her publicist, Elliot Mintz, says that Paris would like all items returned to her.

The 25-year-old heiress said a moving company was supposed to pay the storage fees and was “shocked and surprised” to learn her belongings were sold at a public auction…”I was appalled to learn that people are exploiting my and my sisters’ private personal belongings for commercial gain,” Hilton said in a declaration supporting the lawsuit, adding she was concerned the information could be used for identity theft or harassment…The lawsuit alleges defendants Nabil and Nabila Haniss paid $2,775 for the contents of the storage unit and later sold the items for $10 million to entrepreneur Bardia Persa, who created the site”

The second the website went up, everything was instantly on a billion other sites, so shutting it down isn’t going to matter. The good news is that the next time this happens (and it will), nobody is gonna care. We’ve seen everything already. You could release a sex tape with the Chicago Bears and Godzilla and it would seem a little redundant.

Watch one of the NSFW videos here.


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