Paris Doesn’t Want Her Saggy Eyelid Anymore

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Paris Hilton reportedly visited a cosmetic surgeon earlier this week in an effort to “fix her drooping left eyelid.” Six years ago, Paris had surgery to lift her eyelids, but the left eye muscles were damaged as a result, leaving Paris with the gorgeous face she has today. Not that it matters, because she dumb bitch will be wearing an eye patch soon because she refuses to accept her eyes are brown. Page Six says:

Hilton, who is filming “The Hottie and the Nottie,” has made things worse by wearing blue- tinted contact lenses over her naturally brown irises. “They have been drying out lately,” dished the tipster. “She is ignoring doctors’ orders to not wear her tinted contacts.”

The good news is that the doctors could fix her eye and Paris would still have about twenty more things wrong with her. Fixing her eyelid would be like giving the Elephant Man a facial.

Paris on set of The Hottie and the Nottie (possibly NSFW):