Britney Spears is Not Pregnant

Despite several tabloid reports that claim that Britney Spears is once again pregnant, her manager, Larry Rudolph, says the rumor is “absurd”.

…he believes that the “ridiculous” report came from an incident last week in which Spears’ new boyfriend, Isaac Cohen, accidentally wiped peanut butter on his t-shirt while in the company of Spears. Observers wrongly concluded she had vomited, and thus was experiencing morning sickness. Because Isaac didn’t lick the peanut butter off his fingers, someone decided that it must not be peanut butter, but must instead be Britney’s vomit,” Rudolph joked. “Ridiculous.”

Well to be fair to the tabloids Mr. Rudolph, Britney has been pregnant for like three years now. It’s not like they said she had heat vision or built a time machine, they said she was pregnant. And getting pregnant is what rednecks do. Especially when they’re on WIC. That’s like getting a promotion!

Britney with her new boyfriend on January 17th:



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