Jennifer Aniston is Insane

In the January issue of US Weekly, close friends of the Friends star say that Jennifer Aniston’s emotional health, still fragile because of Vince Vaughn’s cheating, has suffered since Angelina’s recent interview with Vogue and the Oscar-winning actress’ current promotional tour for The Good Shepherd. Outlook not good:

On the effect of seeing pictures of baby Shiloh:

“she collapses in a heap, clutching her womb like she’s been stabbed if she so much as passes a baby stroller on the street.”

On how she deal with it:

“throwing baby dolls into a bonfire on the beach behind her place in Malibu. It’s creepy, but she says it makes her feel better for a few hours.”

Hey, there’s a bright side:

“At least she’s stopped watching ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ over and over again, for days at a time without eating or sleeping. That just wasn’t healthy.”

Yikes. There’s bad, and then there’s this. Jennifer Aniston could eat live bunnies and seem less crazy. In Jennifer’s defense, it must suck knowing that the only reason you were ever considered A-list has moved on and started a family with someone who is better than you in every possible way. Not in Jennifer’s defense, it’s been two years. If my math is right, this means it takes less time for a newborn baby to speak in complete sentences than it does for Jennifer Aniston to realize Brad Pitt isn’t coming back home.

Jen at the L.A. premiere of Dirt:



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