Lindsay Lohan Gets Higher

Lindsay Lohan has more people in her life coming forward to say the girl is in denial and needs help.

I watched Lindsay Lohan snort cocaine and pop Oxycontin then wash it all down with vodka!” The insider, who claims to be a member of Lindsay’s entourage and a close friend, say they are exposing her behavior in order to help the young star. The source explained: “I’ve spent many drink and drug-fuelled nights with Lindsay. I’m only coming forward now because I want to save her life.”

You know you have problems when other drug abusers are calling you out. That’s like being known as the “gross one” in a group of homeless people. “I mean, I haven’t showered in over four months, I piss myself to keep warm and I eat my own poop, but Stan over there … yeah, that guy’s disgusting.”

Lindsay yesterday in Hollywood:



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