Scientology Wants Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly so desperate to have a baby that she is taking, her friend and Scientologist, Leah Remini’s advice and started drinking cooking oil as part of the Scientolgy “cleansing process”. If you think this sounds moronic and retarded, hey, you’re right!

When a Scientologist says ‘purified’ or ‘cleansed,’ what they’re talking about is the purification rundown,” says Rick Ross of, “which usually involves large doses of niacin, ingesting cooking oil and a regimen of saunas which some say could cause liver damage. So not only is it unlikely to produce the results that J. Lo is hoping for, but it may hurt her.”

Your body is 70% water so pounding oil sounds like a great plan. Just like drinking clorox for a migraine. Sure, this sodium hypochlorite might be liquefying my organs but at least my headache is gone. Suck on that aspirin!



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