Beyonce Knowles is a Bitch

Beyonce Knowles is reportedly furious over the fact that Jennifer Hudson, the American Idol castoff who was supposed to be an afterthought in the upcoming Beyonce vehicle, Dreamgirls, is garnering all the attention and critical acclaim. A source says:

Jennifer attended the screening of the movie and (acknowledged) Tina & Mathew Knowles, but they pretended not to see her … and Mathew threw Jennifer the ugliest look.” After the screening, Mathew Knowles reportedly called up the films director and “let him have it” over his little girl being overshadowed…Things came to head between Beyonce and Hudson when the diva refused to speak to her co-star prior to their appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show. “Backstage, Beyonce hugged/greeted everyone, but did not say a word to or even look in Jennifer’s direction.”

This isn’t surprising because Mathew Knowles is basically the black “Papa” Joe Simpson. He broke up the best-selling female group in music history just so Beyonce wouldn’t have to share the spotlight with her childhood friends. If karma was real, a girl who couldn’t win a karaoke contest would be the breakout star of Beyonce’s new movie. Oh wait, it I guess it is. Aww, don’t cry Beyonce, your weave looks so much better than hers.

Here is the full theatrical trailer. The last song is Jennifer Hudson’s rendition of the Broadway hit’s signature song, “And I Am Telling You.” She makes Beyonce sound like a singing cricket: