Dr. McDreamy Got Choked Out

Patrick Dempsey was reportedly attacked by fellow castmate Isaiah Washington (Dr. Preston) after the pair got into a heated exchange on the set of Grey’s Anatomy. The supposed “long-simmering fued” was brought to a head on Monday during an argument over other cast members being late. According to the report, Washington is jealous of Dempsey. A witness explains the scene:

“What are we waiting on?” said Isaiah.

“Not me,” said Patrick. “I’m always ready.”

“At that point,” said the source, “Isaiah said something mean to T.R. Knight” (who plays mild-mannered Dr. George O’Malley).

“That’s when Patrick told Isaiah, ‘Pick on somebody your own size.’

“Well, that did it. Isaiah became enraged and grabbed Patrick by the throat and shoved him back a few feet.

“Dr. McDreamy [Dempsey’s nickname] almost landed in McDreamland.”

When Knight demanded that the pair break it up, the source says, “Isaiah called him a bitch. Isaiah stormed off to his trailer to cool off, while Patrick and T.R. stood there in disbelief.

Thank God somebody finally had the nerve to stand up to this crap. I mean, when will this injustice end? The liberal media will never tell you about the true horror stories. The stories of actors suffering in silence as they sit and wait five minutes in their air conditioned dressing rooms for their co-workers to show up. No one should have to suffer that type of indignity for six figures a week. It’s inhuman. Isaiah Washington should keep it real and quit. Then his whiny, spoiled ass should go enlist in the Marines to see how many people he can choke out before someone finds him folded up in a shopping cart. I’m not good with math, but I’m going to take a wild guess and say 1.

I’d choke Katherine Heigl, too. You know, if she’s into that sort of thing:



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