Lindsay Lohan Gets Around

Harry Morton is reportedly furious with Lindsay Lohan after she spent all night flirting with a DJ in London on Sunday night. In a tent sent up by the hip London club, Boujis, Lindsay proceeded to pretend she didn’t have a boyfriend and spent her whole night up the ass of DJ Sam Young.

When they arrived at the bash, they were chatting to everyone. But once in the Boujis tent, Lindsay made a beeline for Sam. She soon got carried away and she and Sam ended up DJing together. Then she began stroking his back and being really playful. At one stage, they even swapped numbers!” Meanwhile, Harry had a face like thunder. “He kept trying to drag her away,” says a fellow reveller. “In the end, Lindsay got so fed up with him that she went out to the balcony, had a blazing row and gave him a mouthful… then she went back to flirting with Sam.”

A week ago, Harry supposedly proposed to this chick. Last Sunday he had to convince her that she knew him. Why? Because Lindsay’s vagina can’t control itself. It’s like The Terminator, it can’t be stopped. Her car could drive off a bridge and she’d try to open the door by fucking the gear shift.

Lindsay leaving the Cipriani Restaurant in London yesterday:



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