Lindsay Lohan Was Really Airing It Out

I felt compelled to clear up a little confusion regarding those pictures from yesterday featuring Lindsay Lohan and not featuring her underwear – because she wasn’t wearing any. A number of websites and commenters have posted the following picture:

and claimed the following (NSFW) originals are fakes:

Sorry, folks, but the picture with the “underwear” is the fake. If you examine the information attached to the original photo, you’ll see the picture credits the original photographer, Daniele Venturelli, and there are notes attached which read as follows:

Looks like Lindsay Lohan fogot to put her knickers on before attentending Venice Film Festival. Linsay arrived by boat, when she stepped off she fashed a no-knicker shot!”

Here is a screencap and cleaned up version of the picture information for those who still can’t accept that’s Lohan’s panty-less crotch staring back at you and has this screencap of the photo agency selling that original photo. Just be happy you’re smarter than Lohan’s handlers and while you’re at it, feel free to be angry with them for trying to fool you, and keeping Lohan in show business, and the other retards they keep in show business. And why stop there? Blame them for global warming, that smell in the bathroom, your pile of dirty laundry stacked on your dust covered treadmill, et cetera.

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