Lindsay Lohan Might Be Engaged

Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend of four months, Harry Morton, was spotted at Cartier in Beverly Hills buying what is believed to be an engagement ring. Morton’s camp confirmed he made a purchase, but did not reveal exactly what it was. His spokesperson said:

I can confirm that Harry was shopping in Cartier, but what he purchased I cannot confirm. If it was in fact a gift then that’s between him and whomever the gift is for.”

In case you didn’t know, Harry Morton is the 25 year old President and CEO of the Pink Taco Mexican restaurant chain. Unlike Lindsay, he reportedly doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. So, I guess that only leaves severe child abuse or government mind control, because who the in their right mind would marry Lindsay Lohan? Not to brag, but I could shoot a basketball at her vagina and it would be nothing but net, baby!

Lindsay and Harry in Malibu on August 28th:

Harry in Cartier:



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