Pink Loves Mel Gibson

Pink has come to the defense of Mel Gibson, and believes that people should forgive him for his anti-Jewish tirade because he was under the influence of alcohol. Gibson, who pleaded no contest to a charge of drunken driving on Thursday in a deal which he’ll serve three years’ probation, pay a fine and attend alcohol rehabilitation classes, had a blood alcohol level of .12 at the time of his arrest. Pink says:

I’m a fan of his work. I think anybody with opinions like that needs well-wishing. And I’m Jewish. Alcohol makes you do crazy things.”

You know, this is really nice of Pink. Especially when you consider the fact that she’s mostly Irish German and doesn’t practice any religion. So, if licking Jewish girls and eating bagels makes you Jewish, then Pink and I speak for all Jews when we say Mel Gibson probably just needs a hug.

Pink & Carey at the “Saturn VUE Green Line X-Games 12” party on August 2nd:



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