Jennifer Aniston is Crying. Still.

Jennifer Aniston reportedly broke down in tears upon hearing the news that her ex-husband and Angelina Jolie welcomed Shiloh Nouvel into the world. Tiffany Laws, one of Jen’s closest friends, said:

Jen just burst into tears. She tried to cover it up in front of Vince but he assured her it was OK to cry. I think she had the feeling, ‘That could have been my baby.'”

You really have to feel sorry for Vince at this point. I’m sure Jen is a wonderful gal, but it has to be pretty hard being supportive while you’re listening to your girlfriend cry over people who probably don’t even think about her. I’m not a relationship couselor, but if I was, I’d tell her to suck it up before Vince runs off and gets Owen Wilson pregnant. Geez, I left Jennifer Love Hewitt to fulfill my dream of opening a KFCTaco Bell and she’s fine. In fact, she acts like it never even happened.

Angelina and Brad at a conference in Namibia on June 7th:



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