Jennifer Lopez is Hopeful

Jennifer Lopez has fired her agents at International Creative Management (ICM) because she thinks it will boost her film career. This is the third time she has left the agency because she is reportedly not satisfied with the film projects she has been offered. A source says:

[Former agent] Ed Limato didn’t do anything for her in over a year. He got her into Dallas – a TV remake that will probably flop. She is doing Oscar-winning work in Bordertown. She should not be doing Dallas.”

It’s easy to see that ICM is to blame for J-Lo’s wooden line delivery and lack of emotional range. I don’t know who this Limato guy is, but how dare he try to cast his client in the only roles that were offered to her? Pack your bags, everybody. Someone’s taking us on a power trip.

Lopez shopping at Barneys on April 20th:

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