The Sybian is Not a Factor For Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra is in jeopardy of losing her cosmetics contract with Max Factor after riding the Sybian on her appearance on Howard Stern. Although Electra did not have an orgasm on the show, the company believes these antics are in violation of their strict set of rules. Electra says:

I thought I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t do anything vulgar. It was a chair, I sat on a vibrating chair.”

With all due repsect, Max Factor, Carmen Electra wasn’t attending the opera or teaching blind kids to read when you signed her. It’s Carmen Electra. Getting naked or making people want to see her naked is kinda her thing. I actually might agree with you if you didn’t whore yourself out to Hollywood in every one of your commercials. So ease up. You’re about as convincing as Jenna Jameson giving a speech at a junior high about the dangers of premarital sex.

Carmen April 10th on MTV’s TRL: