Nicollette Sheridan is Frigid

Nicollette Sheridan, the neighborhood slut on Desperate Housewives, is not a wild stallion in the sack according to her ex-fiance, Niklas Soderblom. He states that she uses sex to get men to propose marriage and he warns Sheridan’s current fiance, Michael Bolton, about his future with the actress.

I guess she’s sexy on screen, but definitely not in a real-life relationship. She uses her sexuality to get what she wants and as soon as the ring is on her finger, she stops wanting to have sex. She’s afraid of commitment. I feel sorry for Michael because I think he really loves her. But I know there’s no way in hell a relationship is going to work with Nicollette Sheridan.”

I find this only slightly hard to believe because on a bad day, Nicollette Sheridan looks like a man. On a good day, she could pass for a transvestite. Based strictly on the visual evidence, I get the feeling that Michael Bolton wakes up every morning to a fresh pot of coffee and her head bobbing in his lap. I don’t know what collagen feels like, but it has to be a lot tighter than anything else she’s working with.