Basic Instinct 2 is Hilarious

Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction premiered last night, and if the howling laughter was any indication, Sharon Stone will go back under her rock soon. According to Page Six spies, the premiere wasn’t the smashing success that Stone had in mind.

At the premiere Monday night, audience members kept cracking up at inappropriate times, like when Stone intones, “Not even Oedipus saw his mother coming!” “The only thing worse than the dialogue were Sharon’s implants,” shrieked one wag. During the full-frontal nude scene, Stone’s bosom seemed lopsided.

It’s no secret that the release of this film was delayed due to litigation because Sharon Stone basically wanted to make this movie a porn. While the filmmakers were cutting out reels of nudity and an orgy scene just to get an R rating, Stone was busy complaining she was performing her “duties” as an artist. I’d feel bad making fun of her if she was just an idiot, but she constantly rambles on about subjects in which she is sadly misinformed, and she truly believes she is blazing a trail for women’s rights every time she flashes her tits for the camera. Her entire career has been her standing on a soapbox with her legs spread while some guy points a flashlight at her vagina.