Paula Abdul Straight Up Almost Got Fired

Us Weekly is reporting that American Idol producers were dangerously close to firing Paula Abdul due to her erratic behavior and wanted to offer her job to either Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears. Although producers never met with either of the potential replacements, insiders agree that Paula Abdul should not get too comfortable.

A source tells Us Weekly, “Paula was being very difficult. (She was) crying all the time and arriving late for meetings.” The stress from the situation drove Abdul to seek medical attention, and she was treated for “exhaustion and dehydration.”

Good thing, too, because Paula has been acting the damn fool on American Idol lately. Quite frankly, her behavior is so disturbing that I have been barely able to work on my nude portrait of Katharine McPhee. I laid down the tarp and I’m naked, but I can’t seem to concentrate. Granted, it is hard to hold a paintbrush with your teeth.

Katherine McPhee on March 9th:

Paula Abdul March 22nd at Jennifer Nicholson Fall 2006:


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