K-Fed is Charitable

Hillbilly not-a-black guy, Kevin Federline, has donated his hair to Locks of Love, but not because he cares that children around the world have lost their hair due to painful chemotherapy treatments. K-Fed says he hopes his gift to an organization that makes wigs for children with cancer will help promote his new rap(?) album.

He supports the cause and hopes it will help promote his new album.”

I sat here for ten minutes trying to figure out how donating hair to kids with cancer could help promote a rap album, but then again, we’re talking about K-Fed. Maybe he believes that bong water, barbecue sauce and stripper glitter is the magical cure for cancer. Maybe he thinks more white kids should wear cornrows. Or, better yet, maybe he should be ripped apart by horses. Thanks for trying, but you’re not going to convince me that K-Fed cries himself to sleep at night because complete strangers have no hair when he has three children of his own that he barely knows. If you ever see this jackass on the street, please remember one thing – blades don’t need reloading.

These are a few months old, but he looks so stupid, they’re going up again: