Carmen Electra Says It’s All Good

Carmen Electra is refuting claims that her marriage to Dave Navarro is in trouble. Recent reports are stating the couple are “leading seperate lives” and on the verge of divorce due to their hectic work schedules. However, in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Carmen went on the defense regarding the rumors of an impending split.

Everything is fine. Look, I’m wearing my ring. If there is something going I wouldn’t wear it. There’s no way I could run around town being fake. I’m a real person and we are doing just fine. We’ve been together for five years and there are going to be moments that are hard and we’ve had those. But he’s my best friend. We get along so well and we are fine, we are together, we are happy, it’s all good.”

You have to feel sorry for Dave at this point, because everyone knows that Carmen Electra is “fun.” That type of girl is good for a lot of things, but marriage is sadly not one of them. Being married to Carmen would be like having a panther for a pet. Sure, it may lick you and let you pet it whenever you want, but the chances of it mauling you or licking your best friend while you’re on tour are pretty good, too.

Carmen on March 19th at the Ya Ya Fall 2006 fashion show: