Paris Hilton is Crushed

Paris Hilton has reportedly split from her boyfriend, Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, because she is tired of him speaking his native language in front of her. According to Life & Style Weekly, a recent incident at L.A.’s Roosevelt Hotel may have proved too much for the party girl.

Stavros was with a Greek friend, and Paris was freaking out because she couldn’t understand what they were saying,” an insider told the mag. “She thought they were laughing at her.” When Paris, 25, looked like she was about to cry, Stavros, 20, didn’t offer any support, which, says the insider, was the final straw: “Paris has never seemed so upset. She really thought that Stavros was the one.”

Look, this skank can barely understand English. What she manages to pick up and comprehend from watching cartoons and visits to the clinic, barely translates to anything remotely interesting or lucid. What she does have, though, is a black belt in self-esteem. Not many people understand Greek, but we also know that it’s not some Harry Potter spell or some super secret code that people use to laugh about us behind our backs. She could be raped by a pack of tigers in a zoo and think the cheers were for her DVDA technique.

Paris at the 2 Be Free Fall fashion show:


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