Kate Winslet Talks Dirty

Sopranos star, James Gandolfini, was shocked and impressed at co-star, Kate Winslet’s, talent for raunchy sex talk on the set of their movie Romance & Cigarettes. Gandolfini got an earful during a sex scene in which the actress was instructed to ad-lib. He says:

I was very impressed with how much stuff she could make up about sex. I remember being underneath Kate and she was chatting away – she kept going and going and going. I was thinking: ‘God, I hope we stop at some point!’ Every time she’d make up new stuff, the director would say ‘keep going’ – and she really went for it.”

It’s good to see Kate Winslet’s self esteem issues are working overtime, because she has never looked better. She used to be a bit heavy, so I’m not surprised that she probably needs to put her panties in the dryer anytime a man gives her a compliment. Good luck trying to get Charlize Theron to show that level of commitment and appreciation. I would much rather want to tape a picture of Star Jones on my stomach to give Kate a credible threat while she’s working than stressing about trying not to mess up Charlize’s hair.

Kate on the set of Romance & Cigarettes: