Demi and Ashton are Nesting

Star Magazine is reporting this week that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are preparing for a baby due to Demi’s frequent visits to Petit Tresor, an upscale Los Angeles baby boutique. The store locked its doors so Moore and her companion, a woman wearing a Kabbalah bracelet, could shop in private. Sources say she was interested in baby clothes and furniture, specifically delivery times and colors and finishes. While shopping, Demi was quoted as saying, “I wonder if Ashton would like this.” It is rumored that Demi and Ashton are planning to adopt since Demi fears another painful miscarriage.

When Ashton, 27, and Demi, 42, first got together, you would’ve been hard pressed to find anyone that actually believed this relationship would last longer than R. Kelly at a Girl Scout meeting. However, years later, they still seem genuinely in love and you rarely hear anything negative about them in the tabloids, just like Britney and Kevin. Love is a wonderful thing. Hot damn, that Michael Bolton was right.

Demi and Ashton last month at the Rebel Yell Spring launch party:

Thanks to Sarah for the tip!