Benicio Del Toro is The Wolf Man

Oscar-winner Benicio Del Toro is set to play the title role in the upcoming Universal remake of the classic horror film, The Wolf Man. Like the original, the film will take place in Victorian England where a man returns from America to his ancestral home after being bitten, but the updated version is said to “include some horrifying new twists”. Del Toro will also be co-producing the film and Se7en writer Andrew Kevin Walker will write the script.

Universal has regurgitated a few of its horror films recently, such as The Mummy and they resurrected three of their classic monsters in the laughable Van Helsing. However, Benecio Del Toro is arguably one of the best actors working in Hollywood today, so far be it from me to slam his career choices. He’s brilliant in pretty much everything he does, and why he wasn’t cast as Wolverine is a mystery to me. Hugh Jackman always looks like he’s about to get down on one knee and burst into song. More than likely, a show tune.

Benicio in Sin City:


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