Madonna Gets Censored Again

Madonna released a video for her latest single, “Sorry”, but she was forced to release a censored version. The original version was considered vulgar and not appropriate for general audiences.

An insider tells website The Scoop, “I guess it was too vulgar for general audiences. Besides, it is a rather unseemly gesture for a mother-of-two who, when she’s not making obscene gestures, is singing the praises of Kabbalah and writing inspirational children’s books.”

With all that build-up, I hunted down the uncensored version hoping I’d find her either doing something hotter than Justify My Love, or crapping on stage and throwing it at people a la GG Allin. It turns out all she did was flip me off and flick her tooth. I’m offended at my lack of offendedness. I haven’t been this disappointed since I found out Fraggle Rock isn’t a real place and there aren’t really Dozers with edible, tasty construction towers. Well, there’s always Whoville.

Here’s that uncensored, vulgar video for your viewing pleasure:

Update: People in the comments area mentioned this video was similar to Madonna’s video for “Music”, so I dug up a copy. It has subtitles in places, and isn’t the best quality, but you can handle it. (Remember she was pregnant in this one?)

And Madonna in March 2006 Harper’s Bazaar, if you’re into it: