Jake Gyllenhaal Likes to Swap

At the recent BAFTA ceremony, witnesses say that OC starlet Mischa Barton and cowboy Jake Gyllenhaal hit it off. The pair disappeared only to return to swap numbers.

They swapped numbers and when he walked away she did a little victory dance to her friend,” a nosey source blabs to the Daily Mirror.”

Well, whatever. This is Hollywood so you never know. They could be planning a romantic tryst or they could be planning a good time to go and get their nails done. Jake’s taste in women is suspect at best, but at least Mischa Barton is a better looking cover story than Kirsten Dunst. I’m not insinuating that Jake Gyllenhaal is gay, but if I went to his house I would fully expect to see a pair of ice skates and Kevin Spacey riding a white tiger.