Nicole Richie Has Moved On

Nicole Richie has confirmed that she is filming a new season of The Simple Life with former best friend Paris Hilton even though they will never appear on screen together. The pair severed their relationship when Nicole allegedly screened the socialite’s infamous sex tape to friends at a party. Nicole denies that ever happened and insists the pair just grew apart.

We are filming it, but we’re never, like, in the same room. It’s not that we’ve fallen out, it’s just that she’s no longer part of my life. I think it’s much more important to her than it is me.”

If I accidentally hit Paris Hilton with my truck, I would jump out and give bystanders high-fives to pretend like I did it on purpose. And I don’t even know her. Nicole had to work with this petty bitch for two years and seems unfazed. Paris would go down on a donkey during halftime at the Super Bowl if she thought it would get her some attention. Only when the donkey started having a seizure and bleeding from its ears would Paris claim it was just jealous and trying to steal her boyfriend.

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