Paris Hilton Humps Around

Playboy Playmate, Nicole Lenz, couldn’t sit around and let Tom Sizemore, Colin Farrell, Kid Rock and Scott Stapp suck up all the celebrity sex tape attention. She decided to remind everyone today that there’s a sex tape floating around starring her and Paris Hilton which took place in my fair city of Las Vegas at the Bellagio Hotel a few years ago.

The moment we were in the room Paris had only one thing on her mind – sex,” alleges Nicole. “We lied down on a king size bed and took it in turns to play with each other. It wasn’t long before we were naked and rolling around together… We just pleasured each other for hours, recording it all. Paris had brought all manner of sex toys, to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything simply because there was no man in bed with us!”

This isn’t really a news flash. I’m pretty sure I already downloaded this one a while ago. At least I think it was them. A brunette was wearing a strap-on and giving it doggy style to a giant insect with a blonde wig and feet almost as big as Shaquille O’Neil’s. Yeah, that sounds about right.

** When Paris Hilton’s phone was hacked they grabbed pictures of Paris Hilton and Nicole Lenz which are not at all safe for work. In case you haven’t seen them, or need to refresh your memory, you can check them out here.

Update: Just so you know, some people say the girl in the pictures is Nicole Lenz and others say it is an MTV Latin America VJ, Eglantina Zingg. I don’t care. It’s girl on girl action which properly illustrates this article, and that’s all that matters, right?

Paris celebrating her 25th birthday with the family at Pure in Las Vegas. C’mon, suck it in, baby:

Nicole Lenz at a post-Grammy party: