Jessica and Ashlee are Getting Sued

Still fuming over Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s cancellation of a Rolling Stone Magazine photoshoot with him last year over claims that it was too raunchy, photographer David LaChapelle decided to hit the sisters with a $10,000 lawsuit. LaChapelle also said the following:

Out of everything combined, they’re everything wrong with culture, and everything wrong with art, and what we think of as art and musical culture – in one family! We were going to try and make the Simpsons look cool. I realise now that is an impossible task.”

It was so beautiful to finally read what needed to be said about those broads that it brought a tear to my eye. So did the pictures below of Pamela Anderson and Jessica Simpson. But not for the same reason. In this case, mine are tears of sympathy for their poor collagen abused lips. Get your own look, Jessica. Drag queens who impersonate you are more attractive (and effeminate) than you. That’s David LaChapelle with Pamela Anderson, by the way. And since Jessica claims she backed out on that too sexy photoshoot because she “wanted to protect her image”, allow me to rub her nose in her music video which is a suds covered, string bikini wearing, pile of hypocrisy. And crap.