Tara Reid is Not an Idiot

Tara Reid is complaining again about people calling her a dumb, drunken party girl. She says she’s missing out on big movie roles because Hollywood head honchos believe everything they read about her in the tabloids. She also says everyone should give her a break and only focus on the good things she does like working with charities, visiting her family every Sunday and being really “smart”.

“I’m sensitive and I care what people write about me. I don’t like that they make me look like an idiot. I’m not an idiot. I’m smart. I’m a lot smarter than people realise.

Perhaps this is Tara’s way of trying to make us forget that most of the (“untrue”) articles which call her a “drunken whore” have drunken, whoring Tara Reid pictures attached. Maybe we’re the dumb ones and we didn’t see what we thought we saw. Okay, smarty pants. I’ll just post pictures of your really smartness from now on. Like these from last month:

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