Did Brit Slip a Nip?

So … Spears and Federline were out post-Grammy partying and there is speculation as to whether or not that ghastly, biker gang, wedding in a graveyard get up she was wearing allowed a couple nipple slips that evening. Yes, I’m aware there is a difference between an areola and a nipple, thank you, but the industry term seems to be all inclusive where color changes in breast flesh are concerned. Anyway …

This is one of the pictures floating around which has peaked everyone’s curiousity. (Yes, the use of “peaked” rather than “piqued” was a booby reference. C’mon. Lighten up, people.)

This is a very, very large picture of another alleged “slip” from the same night which may or may not prove something or nothing (other than how the closer they get, the more irritating they are).

I’ve already said this before. I love boobs. I don’t need a couple inches of what may or may not be Britney’s areola to make me want to see more of her boobs. I’ve seen enough of them to know I don’t love them. Those supposed nip-slip pictures up there don’t seem to make sense since the pictures below which feature Britney’s nipples could make the “South” arrow on a compass jealous. You’re more likely to catch a nip-slip of hers through an upskirt shot.

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