Sienna Miller Gets a Response

Daisy Wright, the infamous nanny with whom Jude Law had an affair, is finally responding to the asinine threat Sienna Miller made last month. Sienna said,

I’m quite looking forward to the day our paths will cross, which I know they will… She better live in fear. I just hope she doesn’t run into me in a dark alley.”

Daisy’s response is as follows:

I’m shocked at Sienna and couldn’t believe how vicious her comments were. She should look at herself and ask why Jude was cheating on her… What she said was obviously a threat of violence. Don’t people get arrested for that kind of thing? She’s just an immature party girl who wants to go nightclubbing and get drunk with her mates. But Jude is the biggest actor in the world – he just wants a quiet life at home, a stable environment where he can prepare for his roles. It was always going to end in tears. I still love him passionately.”

Laughing at that “Jude is the biggest actor in the world” joke is unavoidable. Also unavoidable is my desire to watch Sienna get her bony ass kicked by that nanny. I hate to take sides here. I think both of these girls are dingbats, but if this were a “Who’s the Bigger Dingbat?” contest, Sienna would win by a mile. Rewarding the cheater and lashing out at “the other woman” makes you look pretty damn stupid. She couldn’t look more stupid unless she put her hair in cornrows, held up a music store with a cap gun and demanded all of their Kevin Federline CDs. And that’s only because everyone knows you’ll only find those on the 80% off clearance rack at the 99 Cents store. Great stocking stuffers, folks!