Carmen Electra Wants Kate Moss

The Sun UK is reporting that Carmen Electra is attracted to model Kate Moss and would love to meet her in person. Carmen tells Loaded magazine:

I fancy Kate Moss. She has the best style. People need to give her a break. I’d love to meet her. You can’t deny her beauty and her sexuality.

Carmen also claims that women constantly flirt with her and try to get her in bed. She added:

I get a lot of women trying to pick me up and women can be more attractive than men. I like that, I love girls.

If Kate Moss was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, most guys would have a hard time trying to figure out if they should give the little girl a lollipop or ask the little boy why he is dressed like that. So I’m not sure if Dave Navarro thinks this is a good idea. However, if a threesome were to happen and Navarro can talk his penis into sex with Kate Moss after years of banging away on Carmen Electra, he deserves some sort of award. But not the same pretigious award you get when you have sex with Star Jones. That rare combination of self-loathing and courage is not found in most humans.