Around the World With Brad and Angelina

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s globetrotting hasn’t helped shake off the paparazzi. Maybe if they tried to be a lot less attractive and stopped reminding us they have sinful, deviant, hours on end, unprotected, premarital sex by getting pregnant we would leave them alone. Well … then we’d be stuck with another Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and that would be bad. Not as bad as an episode of Gastineau Girls, but pretty damn close.

Brad, Angelina, Zahara, Maddox and Maddox’s love for the paparazzi arriving at LAX:

Angelina in Los Angeles:

Brad and Angelina leaving Claridges Hotel in London on Wednesdsay:

Brad and Angelina leaving the “A New Mindset For the UN” conference in Switzerland yesterday: