Salma Hayek Doesn’t Want To Be Skinny

Insanely hot actress, Salma Hayek, has spoken out against Hollywood’s obsession with weight, insisting that extreme dieting makes women “bitches”. She says that she will not conform herself to Hollywood standards by working out or starving herself for a role.

I find it very boring to have to be skinny all the time. It bores me and makes me bitchy. And yet in Hollywood it’s okay if you’re a bitch – as long as you’re skinny! “A lot of these girls who spend so much time trying to be skinny – everyone is complaining about them. They don’t make people feel good about themselves.”

I know that masturbation isn’t a topic I normally cover here, but ever since From Dusk Till Dawn, Salma Hayek has been in heavy rotation. Ten years is a long time, and when I pretend to talk to Salma, I know it hurts her to know about Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brooke Burke, but I’m not a “commitment” kind of guy. Sorry Salma, but I’m a wild heart that can’t be broken.

Source: Female First