Is Kanye West Sexing Pamela Anderson?

Kanye West and Pamela Anderson’s relationship is the subject of much speculation after they were spotted being very intimate in a hotel in Los Angeles. The rapper was seen stroking the former Baywatch babe’s ass at the Chateau Marmont Hotel. A source at People magazine said:

Kanye was standing in front of Pamela. He reached back and was cupping her butt with his hand. “She was leaning into him. They looked happy together.”

I don’t know Kanye West personally, but I hope he’s had his shots this year. This may not work out when he gets her in bed, because I’m sure his penis will look like somebody about to get their head pushed in a wood chipper. She’d be laying there and Kanye would be running around the room holding onto his penis and fighting like he was trying to land a world class marlin.

Pamela Anderson walking around barefoot in Malibu on January 20th:


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