Jennifer Aniston Can’t Get Over Brad Pitt

As if finding out that ex-hubbie, Brad Pitt, is expecting a baby with new love Angelina Jolie wasn’t bad enough – it seems that the news may have put an end to Jennifer’s relationship with Vince Vaughn. A source tells Star Magazine:

There have been reports that they have been fighting. The fall out over Brad and Angelina has been a lot for them both to deal with. Jen is obviously going through a very painful time and, although she is putting on a brave face in public, she’s feeling very fragile and more insecure than ever before. Vince has been surprised by this. He thought that Jen was over Brad and has moved on. He can’t understand why she feels so upset and this has caused a real rift between them. Jen has a lot of needs right now and while Vince has helped cheer her up over the past few months, he may not be able to support her through this new crisis.”

Maybe I’m a monster, but I just don’t feel sorry for Jennifer Aniston. Am I mistaken or wasn’t she the one who didn’t want a baby with Brad Pitt because she wanted to focus on her “career”? Honey, I don’t know if anyone has told you this yet, but Friends was pretty much it for you. Your string of crappy movies won’t make anyone forget that you got paid $1,000,000 an episode for one of the worst shows on television (quiet, ladies!). And it sure as hell won’t make Brad Pitt forget that endless frustration with your marginal wife is no substitute for sweaty deviant sex with a beautiful and talented actress who wants a family. Who knows, maybe David Schwimmer will call you. And yes, I know he’ll probably just ask for money again, but this time it may really be different.

Aniston and Vaughn in Las Vegas earlier this month:

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