Dave Navarro Gets In Fight, Does Nothing

Carmen Electra’s rocker husband, Dave Navarro, was attacked by a “fan” after refusing to take a photo with the man and his sister. Navarro also declined a round of drinks that the pair offered him.

“A seven-foot-tall, five-feet-wide guy asked me to take a picture with his sister and I politely declined. But after I refused a round of shots the man sent over, things turned ugly. The guy then loses it and turns over all the drinks and plates on my table, and they all go flying into the air and shatter as they crash into each other and onto the table, causing a rain of glass to fall upon me and my friends. Glass goes into my hair, clothes and slightly cuts up my arm.”

In case this isn’t obvious enough, I can think of a few hundred more reasons why Carmen Electra needs to return my calls. First off all, even in his stilletto heels, Navarro is barely 5’0′”. So this fan may have been a Yeti or in a more likely scenario, 5’11”. Second of all, he’s short. And third, from what I managed to read in her diary while they were sleeping, Carmen wants a baby. Some would say that it might be difficult with the whole restraining order thing, but I could send her a sample or something. I have a t-shirt next to my bed that will do. I don’t know what science is involved with that, but they should have more than enough to work with.

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