Mischa Barton is Rubbing Herself

Page Six reported today that Mischa Barton and her bestial, jealous boyfriend, Cisco Adler, got into a huge fight which couldn’t help but be overheard on New Year’s Eve in a Miami Hotel . They also reported the making up session which followed emitted a smell which could not be avoided.

Barton, who had a history of tearful tussles with ex-boyfriend Brandon Davis, soon patched things up with Adler after ducking inside their bungalow, which reeked with the fragrant stench of marijuana. The mellowed-out couple later split for the ultra-hot Setai Hotel.”

These photos were taken of the bong ripping couple the day after their fight, so things seem to be fine now. For all we know, that’s Cisco Adler juice she’s rubbing all over her boobs. If the thought of that grosses you out, feel free to think it’s sunblock, or she’s doing her monthly breast exam. I’m going with my Cisco juice theory because even though it’s gross (only because it’s Cisco’s juice), I’m guilty of having a one track mind most of the time.