Britney Spears is Good at Wasting Money

When I was a kid, the boys in the neighborhood would stick baseball cards (or Garbage Pail Kid cards) in the spokes of their bicycles to soup them up so they’d be noisy. I did the same thing with my bike. It’s fun to customize cars too, but it’s downright disrespectful and cruel to do what Kevin Federline did to this poor Ferrari. I may not fit the stereotype, but I’m a tomboy at heart. I’d rather work on the ’69 Camaro RS which is sitting in the garage with its original Hugger Orange paint and waiting for an engine than go to the mall to try on clothes and listen to skinny girls call themselves fat for hours on end. Changing the brake calipers to read “Federline” instead of “Ferrari” is proof that Kevin is the antithesis of the Midas touch. He turns everything he gets his grimy hands on into steaming piles of crap. And, yeah, you read it right. The back of Kevin’s shirt says, “Holla @ Yo Damn Self” which in English translates to “I’m Totally Retarded”.