Kim Basinger is Tempting

The ugly custody battle over Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin’s 10 year old daughter, Ireland, is still fuming. Baldwin brought Basinger back to court after he claimed she violated a custody order during the summer. Recent court documents reveal he alleges Basinger is bribing their daughter with chocolate bars which have “manipulative messages” written on the wrappers.

One example, which Baldwin has included in his legal suit as Exhibit C, reads: “To my daughter Ireland, who gave me the strength, courage and tenacity to stand up for myself… Mom.” Baldwin claims, “The false message she continues to send our daughter is that she needs protection from her father.”

Alec is likely reading too much into these messages. You really need to be careful with stuff like that. At an office Christmas party one year, my boss gave me a chocolate bar with a little card on it which read, “There’s more where this came from, honey. Cum to my office.” Hoping for a raise, I went into his office after work wearing nothing but my bra and underwear. It turns out he’d bought hundreds of those candy bars from a fund raiser at his daughter’s school so she’d win the grand prize, and he was giving them away to anyone who wanted them. He always got me mixed up with another girl in the office whose name was Honey. And he was a really bad speller.

Source: WENN